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Transforming Spaces,  Empowering Businesses: Your B2B Furniture Solution.

Welcome to Centrum Furniture, your trusted partner in providing premium furniture solutions. With over two decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying furniture globally, we have established ourselves as a leading furniture wholesaler and manufacturer in the industry.

We specialize in crafting premium solid timber furniture that stands the test of time. We believe that furniture should not only be well-designed but also of the highest quality, this principle is ingrained in every piece we meticulously create. 


With SVLK certification, our timber hails from eco-conscious and responsibly managed sources, reflecting our sustainability pledge.

What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to oversee and control the entire manufacturing process. From the sourcing of raw materials to the final finishing touches, our team of skilled craftsmen works diligently to ensure each piece meets our exacting standards.

Operating on a B2B model, Centrum Furniture caters to retailers, interior designers, hospitality venues, and offices across Australia. We understand the unique needs of the industry, and our tailored furniture solutions are designed to enhance your collection and exceed customers' expectations.

We cherish our relationships with our valued partners and constantly strive for mutual growth and success in this dynamic market!

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