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1. Who are we?

Centrum Furniture is proudly led by its founder and CEO, Christin Handayani, who has over 20 years of industry experience. Christin, along with her dedicated and knowledgeable team, has built an incredible community of clients and business partners, providing exceptional customer care and quality furniture to people worldwide.

2. Where do you source your timber?

We source all our timber from Indonesia and strive to bring a large variety of wood, including Indonesian Oak, Mahogany, Mindi, and Teak. All our timber is legally sourced and harvested from sustainably managed forests (SVLK Certified).


3. What are the sustainability goals?

We advocate sustainability by selling high-quality solid timber furniture that lasts.
We also ensure that the materials and finishes we use are sustainable and non-polluting. As a finishing touch, we always opt for recyclable and non-plastic packaging options where possible.

4. What is your factory's production capacity?

Our factory's production capacity is 20 TEU per month.

5. Number of Employees?

Centrum Furniture is dedicated to providing top-notch craftsmanship and quality. Our experienced team of 140 employees are all devoted to delivering the best for our customers.

6. What is your container load order lead time?

Our container load order lead time is between 8-10 weeks* for standard products.

7. Where are the majority of your customer based?

 Australia, Singapore & Europe

8. Can your products be made commercial grade?

 Yes, our products can be found in hotels/restaurants across Australia & Asia. Please contact our team for further information.


9. Can I customize my container load orders with Centrum Furniture?

Yes! We love and welcome your creativity, which is why we provide additional customization services to make furnishing homes a fuss-free journey.

10. What is the standard moisture content for your products?

We implement strict quality control measures to ensure that the MC content of our timber is between 7% to 12%.

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