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Tasmania 2 Drawer Coffee Table (Chocolate)
  • Tasmania 2 Drawer Coffee Table

    SKU: CT 002 PN

    Elevate your living room experience with the Tasmania 2-drawer Coffee Table.


    Each coffee table is handcrafted from SVLK-certified solid mahogany timber. This ensures that you're not only buying a piece of furniture but also contributing to responsible forestry and sustainability.


    With four refined finishes to select from, your coffee table can complement any home interior:


    • Rich Dark Chocolate: Adds depth and charisma to your space.
    • Classic Mahogany: A tribute to timeless elegance and tradition.
    • Lively Light Pecan: A hue that captures the sun-soaked, upbeat energy of coastal living.
    • White Caramel For a tranquil, serene atmosphere that mirrors oceanic tranquility.


    Your Tasmania 2 Drawer Coffee Table arrives fully assembled.


    Drawing inspiration from the laid-back luxury of Hamptons and coastal aesthetics, the coffee table exudes a relaxed yet high-end vibe.

    • Dimensions: 100.0 x 65.0 x 40.0 cm

      Net Weight: 24.0 kg 

      Composition: Solid Mahogany Timber; Solid Brass

      Assembly Required: None


      Packaging Dimension: 104.0 x 69.0 x 44.0 cm

      Gross Weight: 29.0 kg

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