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DYNASTY Opium Leg Bench 128 x 35 (Chocolate)
  • DYNASTY Opium Leg Bench 128 x 35

    SKU: BE 128 35 OL

    Embrace the allure of the Orient with the Dynasty Opium Leg Bench. Handcrafted from the finest SVLK-certified solid mahogany, this bench whispers tales of Eastern romance and splendor. Available in two stunning variations, it is more than just a place to sit—it's a journey to a bygone era of luxury.

    Whether gracing your entryway or complementing your living space, its opium-inspired curves evoke an exotic charm that captivates and inspires. Indulge in the enchantment of timeless elegance with this exquisite piece.

    • Dimensions: 128.0 x 35.0 x 45.0 cm

      Gross Weight: 16.0 kg 

      Composition: Solid Mahogany Timber

      Assembly Required: Minimal


      Packaging Dimension: 132.0 x 40.0 x 20.0 cm

      Net Weight: 19.0 kg

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