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Dynasty 2 Door 4 DVD Drawer Entertainment Unit (Mahogany)
  • Dynasty 2 Door 4 DVD Drawer Low Entertainment Unit

    SKU: EU 204 LCSN

    Step into the realm of opulence with our Dynasty 2 Door 4 DVD Drawer Entertainment Unit, a majestic fusion of robust functionality and exquisite aesthetics. Expertly crafted dimensions of 190.0 cm in length, 45.0 cm in width, and 63.0 cm in height ensure a grand presence, making it the focal point of any room. Constructed from solid mahogany timber and adorned with brass accents, this entertainment unit exudes a regal charm reminiscent of ancient dynasties. No assembly is required, allowing you to indulge in its splendor immediately. Available in rich Chocolate and classic Mahogany color variations, it offers a tailored look for sophisticated interiors. This piece is a pre-order luxury, available in 10-12 weeks, promising to deliver unparalleled elegance and a stately cinema experience in your home.



    • Dimensions: 190.0 x 45.0 x 63.0 cm

      Gross Weight: 59.0 kg 

      Composition: Solid Mahogany Timber

      Assembly Required: None


      Packaging Dimension: 194.0 x 49.0 x 67.0 cm

      Net Weight: 65.0 kg

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