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Rattan 6 Drawer Cabinet (White)
  • Rattan Drawer Cabinet (White)

    Create a serene and organized haven with our Rattan Drawer Cabinet, a piece that combines utility with a touch of romantic charm. Made from solid mahogany timber and complemented by hand-woven rattan, this cabinet brings a breath of calm to any room.


    The natural textures of the rattan basket drawers, finished in a crisp white, provide ample storage and add a layer of warmth and rustic allure. Whether you choose the 6-drawer configuration for compact spaces or the 9-drawer version for more extensive storage needs, each drawer slides out smoothly to offer easy access to its contents.


    Arriving fully assembled, this cabinet is ready to hold your cherished items, linens, or personal treasures. Place it in your bedroom, living room, or hallway to create an inviting atmosphere. This cabinet is not just for storage—it's a statement of tranquility and timeless charm for your home.

    • 6 Drawers Rattan Cabinet (SB 006 RT (WH)):

      Dimensions: 136.0 x 40.0 x 68.0 cm

      Gross Weight: 32.0 kg 


      9 Drawers Rattan Cabinet (SB 009 RT (WH)):

      Dimensions: 136.0 x 40.0 x 95.0 cm

      Gross Weight: 40.0 kg

      Composition: Handwoven Natural Rattan; Solid Mahogany Timber

      Assembly Required: None


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